Frequently Asked Questions

Q - What is AdFox?

Ans - AdFox is a Powerful and Easy to use online Facebook ads tool which helps you find the best ads running on Facebook! AdFox keeps its eye's on your competitors ads and shows you the ads they are running 24*7. With AdFox, Your Facebook Ad Campaigns will be ready with a push of a button.

Q - How do I register?

Ans - Click on Sign Up Now and fill your details. After filling you will be redirected to our payment processor and after makin payment you will be able to login and use AdFox.

Q - How Can I See Ads?

Ans - When you login click on Ad Search and You will see the ads.

Q - How Do I Find The best and Profitable ads?

Ans - AdFox finds the ads running on facebook and it depends on you regarding how you benefit from them!

Q - What Countries Do You Support?

Ans - We currently serve adz for United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Canada and Brazil. We will be adding more countries soon. We will add all the coutries in near future and you wont be charged extra for any new country added.

Q - I dont find specific ads. What do i do?

Ans - If you dont find specific ads then please change your keyword and still if you dont find anything specific then please login to your account and click on "User Suggestions" and let us know about the profile you need. Example- Country, Age and anything you would like and we will add that profile.

Q - I've a Question but it is not answered in FAQ here. What Do I Do?

Ans - please email our support team support @

Thank You!